What Constitutes Luxury Lingerie?

It may be every girls’ dream to own a piece of luxury lingerie. But what is luxury lingerie really? What defines it? Is it a price point? If so, what would that price point be? Or maybe luxury is defined by the qualities, details and material the product is made of.

Well we might not be able to pinpoint what luxury lingerie is or how everyone perceives it, but here are a few things we can ascertain.

Sturdy Materials: Regardless of how lingerie is priced or its appearance, there is no doubt that women are expecting a high level of quality when paying a luxury price point. Therefore, you can expect sturdier materials that won’t be likely to fray or tear. Look for lucent satin, silk impression or cotton satin in the material list to be sure you are buying a piece that will last.

Visibility: The underwear as outerwear trend is getting bigger as time goes on. Many women will be more likely to spend a pretty penny on outfits they can wear in the bedroom and outside of it. One piece lingerie is especially practical for its ability to be worn just about anywhere.

Stitching: Some say the definition of luxury lingerie can differ from country to country. For instance, in the UK, zig zag stitching is a sign of luxury lingerie. However, in Australia, any lingerie that has visible stitching is considered lower class.

Details: Taking a look at luxury brands, it may be the detailing that sets these pieces of erotic lingerie apart. Teddy lingerie with ribbons going up the side is just one type of sexy and feminine detail that can take the piece to the next level. Other details and color options can elevate the lingerie so it stands out from all other pieces.

Size offerings: Luxury lingerie will also have size offerings that will make all body types feel comfortable. Many have bra sizes that go up to triple D. Bras with these larger cup sizes will also offer more support in the band and straps. And this type of comfort and versatility will not only be found in their bras but the upper parts of their babydoll lingerie, bustiers and more.

When you buy sexy lingerie, you don’t just want a beautiful piece, you want to feel confident that you are getting your money’s worth. If you are buying lingerie at a luxury price point, be sure the features mentioned in this article are included so that you can feel confident in every way. Good luck finding the lingerie that suits your lifestyle and your budget!

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