It’s Just for Research!

If you are a romance novelist, you have to know a lot about sex. When authors write a book, they have to do a lot of research to make sure their book is credible. With that in mind, imagine how much fun a romance novelist can have!

If you are looking for role playing ideas to spice up your time in the bedroom, pretending that you’re a romance novel who is doing some research can make the perfect scenario.

To do this, you can pretend that you are two professionals meeting to discuss the book. One of you can be the author and the other one will be the ‘expert in the field’.

You can begin discussing ideas for expressing sexual pleasure in words and eventually things can get so heated that you have no choice but to take your clothes off.

Another idea is to go into the meeting knowing the two of you are going to have sex…for research purposes only of course. The clinical manner you take on can make things even more exciting as you explain what you are going to do and try to contain the amount of pleasure and excitement you are feeling.

 Sex role playing character ideas can enhance your sex life and this author/expert relationship is one that can work perfectly in taking things to the next level. What do you do in the bedroom to heat things up a couple of degrees?

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