Helpful Tips for First-Time Corset Buyers

If you have never worn an erotic corset or elegant corset or bustier before, owning if for the first time can be quite an experience. It may look confusing to you and that is quite understandable because there’s a lot of new things to learn about wearing corsets. So, if you are thinking about purchasing your first corset, here are some useful tips to bear in mind.

  1. Find a good fit

A woman’s corset site is smaller than her normal waist dimensions by 4 inches at least. Check your measurements correctly before buying a corset because a corset of the wrong size can feel like it is crushing you. Don’t be vain and buy a smaller corset than your regular size. The shaping won’t look as great as using the right size. If you are buying the corset as a gift, find a way to get the exact measurement also without ruining the surprise. Otherwise, you would have just wasted your time and the corset is either too uncomfortable to be useful or simply unwearable.

  1. A good corset is comfortable

If the corset you are trying on is not comfortable, then there is something wrong. Now, wearing a corset for the first time could cause a feeling of discomfort but this quickly goes away if you are wearing a reliable, quality brand. The quality of the corset or bustier will help you feel well supported and sexy. A quality corset for you should also have a soft breathable lining that will ensure your skin remains cool under the corset. Most corsets have a twill lining that helps you to stay comfortable with a corset under our blouse.

  1. Quality over price

Even if you like a great deal and savings, you are better off investing in corsets that will last you a long time. A quality corset is usually made using high-quality fabrics with the innermost layer made of natural fabrics that are gentle on the skin and hypoallergenic. While you can get a lot of corsets that are moderately priced, be sure that you are getting one that will mold your body nicely.

  1. Know the type of corset

Corsets can either be Underbust or Overbust. The overbust corset works for almost all body types, so does the underbust. The thing to consider however is comfort and function. If you have a bra cup size that is DD or bigger, then the Overbust type provides you with more bust support. The underbust corset is practical, suited for everyday use and it is much lighter than the overbust ones.

  1. Function

You can wear a corset for many reasons from reducing your waist, as outwear or simply to dress up. If you are looking for something to replace regular shapewear, try a corset that is simple and unembellished. The simpler and sleeker the corset it, the better it looks under your everyday clothes.

Picking the right corset as a first-timer can be a lot of fun. It helps to make your body outline more flattering and gives you an air of style anywhere you go.

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