Coming Up with Names for Your Sex Role Play Characters

Role playing ideas can enhance the excitement in any relationship. While many partners will decide on a certain scenario…say cheating housewife and pizza boy, or boss and secretary….others may just become someone different when they have sex. Maybe this person has an accent, a different hair color or a certain way of dressing. In any case, he or she will give their partner the sense that they are having sex with another person while providing an outlet for them to get as wild as they possibly can.

If you are going to become another character for your sex role play, the first thing you will need to do is come up with a name. That will truly give you both the feeling that you are going into unchartered territory.

The name you choose will have to reflect the character you develop. So, if you are going for someone foreign, with an accent and an exotic style, you might want to choose a name that represents the country that person is from.

If you are sex role playing as a naughty girl or a gigolo, try exploring stripper or porn star names.

Some find debutante names to be sexy and even a bit ironic. If this is the case, think of names you might hear getting thrown around the country club and put them together to add a sense of luxury to your sex role playing character ideas.

Whatever path you choose, I’m sure you will find a way to express yourself while taking your love affair to the next level. What name do you like to be called in bed?

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