5 Common Signs That You Need New Underwear

One day you are rocking sexy bras and panties, the next they are looking not so glamorous. It could be difficult letting go of your favorite bra that seems to fit like a glove and never disappoints. But when the underwire of your bra is now visible, and the straps are no longer doing their jobs, these are undeniable signs that you need a new bra. Even though you care for your underwear exceptionally well, you should not use them beyond a year. How do you know when it is time to go shopping for new bra and pant sets and things? Some signs will tell you the time is right.

  1. You feel your underwear digging into your skin

The moment you begin to feel like your bra and pants are preventing your circulation from flowing, then you should think about going shopping for new ones. If your panties are leaving marks on your thighs or waist, that is a sign that you have outgrown them.

  1. Your underwear is no longer elastic

A visible sign that your bras or panties need replacements is when they are no longer elastic.  The elasticity of the waistband usually wears out as time passes, making it loose with a tendency to fall off your body.  Your bra will not offer the proper support that you need if it is no longer as elastic as it used to be.

  1. Holes appear

This sign is pretty visible. The moment you notice holes in your panties is when you should dispose of them for new ones. Holes in your underwear is irrefutable proof that you have used them so much that the fabric has lost its threads. There’s something not quite right about wearing panties till they have holes in them. That points to a trip to the lingerie store for new bras and panties sets.

  1. It has stains that are not coming off

There are many ways to get tough stains out of underwear such as bleach, detergent, and other special laundry products. If you have tried everything and the stains persist, then you should give up and give yourself the gift of new underwear. You can use the opportunity to look at new styles like sexy thongs, teddy lingerie, and bodysuits.

  1. It’s lost its shape

Wearing a t-shirt bra and finding that it no longer gives your bust any shape is an indicator of trash time. Old and worn out bras will have lumps, uneven cups, and issues with the support for your breasts. If these issues exist, then your breasts will not fit appropriately in the bra, and the bra could also form outlines in your t-shirt that are quite unflattering.

At least once every six months, go through all your underwear and see what is going on with them. If you see these signs, dispose of them and plan for a fun trip to the lingerie shop or grab a bottle of wine and your tablet or laptop and go showing for lingerie online.

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