4 Practical Tips for Caring for your Corset

Elegant Corsets and Erotic Corsets are not like other items of clothing in your wardrobe. To get the best out of your corset, you need to take good care of it the right way. Here are some fantastic tips that will help you to make the most out of your corset and enjoy it for a long time in its best condition also.

  1. Adjust to your corset (seasoning)

This is an important thing to bear in mind particularly if you just began using steel boned corsets. Steel boned corsets take a bit of time to adjust to even if you have some experience with them. It takes some time for your corset to fit your body and for your body also to get used to the corset too.

Don’t wear it tightly right out of the box. Wearing it immediately will hurt you and damage the corset in the process. Seasoning your corset involves wearing in loose for some hours each night. As you get more comfortable in your corset like sexy underwear, you can then tighten it a bit more over the next few weeks. This way, it will adjust to your shape gradually over time and give you amazing results before too long.

  1. Keep your corset clean

There are many metal parts in your corset and delicate fabric in the lining so you cannot wash it like a regular cloth by dipping it in water. You can clean a corset by dry cleaning it. You can also use a damp cloth to clean it and then allow it to air dry. If you have an airing cupboard, you can lay the corset inside it so that the moisture can get out as fast as possible, leaving you with a clean, lovely smelling corset.

  1. Store your corset flat

Your corset isn’t a dress that you can jam into a suitcase or a rack with other shirts and skirts. It needs its space where it can stay straight without any pressure deforming it. Keep your corset in its drawer and flat, away from anything laying on it or pressing it by the side. Avoid jamming them with other clothes or even your sexy bra and pant sets so that you don’t end up losing your money when they get damaged.

  1. Corsets are personal

Treat your corset like your sexy bra, bustier, and babydoll nighties. Do not ever borrow it to someone else to use. Corsets take a lot of time to get used to one body and so giving it out to someone else to where will set you back a lot. Because it takes the shape of your body, it won’t even look good on the person that borrows it. If your corset loses its form, it is going to be hard to fix so treat it like your panties and keep it out of the reach of friends and soul sisters.

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