4 Common Bra Shopping Mistakes That You Should Avoid in The Fitting Room

The most fun place in a lingerie store is the fitting room where you get to see how your new bra and pant set looks on you. The fitting room isn’t only for you to admire your sexy thongs in the mirror and calculate how much your credit card is going to suffer in your latest kinky lingerie shopping spree. Here are some mistakes that you should guard against making in the fitting room so that you have a fantastic, satisfying bra shopping visit at the store:

  1. Forgetting to ask for professional help with bra fitting

You should not keep quiet if you are unsure about the fit of a bra. Most people do professional bra size fittings every six months to be sure as breast sizes change because of many factors. If you don’t get fitted properly, you may end up going home with a bra that will not provide enough support for your bust and turn out very uncomfortable. When you are in the fitting room of your favorite lingerie store, ask for a professional there to help you with a fitting. You will save yourself plenty of time and stress.

  1. Not being confident in your bra fitter

Buying sexy bras goes beyond just picking it from the rack and checking it out. You need to trust the professional advice that you get from the bra fitter in the store. There are sexy bras and sensual lingerie in many different styles and trust the expert to know precisely what bra fits you the best. Let them make recommendations for you to help you find the right sets of bras for you. This will help you to explore more than what you are used to and get the latest styles of bras.

  1. Not seeing what it looks like underneath clothes

Another common mistake a lot of women make is not checking to see how it would look underneath a t-shirt. While you are in the fitting room and trying on different bras, you should wear your t-shirt or top on the bra to see how it would look. Are you looking for plunging look or a more supportive look? Are there parts of the bra that will leave an outline underneath your most common clothes? Be sure to put clothes over the bra to know if it will deliver exactly the look you want. This is also important when buying a bra for a specific occasion or dress.

  1. Staying still while trying bras on

A bra may fit you perfectly but have you tried moving around to see how it feels against your skin? What’s the point of wearing a sexy bra if it is not comfortable to wear? You should move around the fitting room and stretch out, move your arms, bend to the side and other familiar motions to see how the bra reacts to movement and feels on your body.

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